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Fear of Failure vs. The Need to Achieve: Which Guides Your Game?

In every sport, every challenge, and every endeavour we undertake, there's an unspoken adversary: fear. This isn't just about the sense of missing a shot or failing to execute a new swing feel. It's about the unseen barriers that limit us, hold us back, and create doubt in our minds.

This actually happened...

Take this real-life scenario: A dedicated club golfer has one swing thought to improve his club head speed. To lengthen his backswing. His practice swings are impeccable, but he struggles to lengthen his backswing when the ball is in place. Confronted with the question, "What stops you from replicating that longer backswing swing when it matters most?" he struggled for an answer. The underlying fear? Hitting a bad shot. The potential ridicule, the possible embarrassment, the self-imposed disappointment—all played their part. But at the heart of it was this simple truth: the fear of failure was dictating his game, not his skill or desire.

Yet, for genuine progression in golf or any part of life, the need to achieve should always overshadow the fear of failure. It's a mental balance; one that's so important to making lasting changes. This balance isn't just theoretical—it's practical and actionable.

Dan's Story

Consider the journey of Dan, one of our original G60 members. Dan started out playing off a handicap of 21. When faced with the hurdle of changing his golf technique to achieve a higher standard of golf, he felt paralysed by the dread of “messing up”. Maybe it was the judgement he felt would get from his golf mates, maybe it was a short term mindset of “I want to play better right now”. Either way, he struggled to implement the necessary changes to elevate his skill levels.

"His handicap went from 21 to 4 within a 2 year period"

I had a chat with Dan and tried to delve into his mind to find out the real mental hurdles he was facing. When we got to the bottom of it, the fear of failure was far outweighing the need to achieve at that moment. By finding the true reason, we were able to start to shift his perspective. Instead of seeing each practice session or game as a potential failure, he started viewing it as a stepping stone, a lesson, a challenge he was determined to overcome. His newfound need to achieve began to outweigh the fear of failure. The results? A game transformed, not just in technique but in mindset. His mindset change was incredible. What did this lead to? Dan now plays off a handicap of 4! Yes that is correct, his handicap went from 21 to 4 within a 2 year period.

How did he do it?

Of course he had to practise hard, he had to show up and do the drills. But a huge contributor to his success was by having a drive to succeed and no fear of messing up. In fact he started to embrace the inevitable failures along the way. He worked logically and diligently, one step at a time through the G60 program.

You’re probably working it out by now, there's a vital principle in sports psychology: the balance between the need to achieve and the fear of failure. Successful athletes, and indeed, successful individuals in any field, are driven more by the ambition to excel than by the anxiety of falling short.

Here’s the profound truth: Failure is the cornerstone of progress. It signifies effort, growth, and the courage to push your boundaries. Without the possibility of failure, there's no opportunity for success.

For our current. dedicated G60 members, take this as a call to action: Welcome every challenge, every mishap, as an opportunity. A chance to evolve, to learn, and to elevate your game. Ask yourself, what is currently stopping you from achieving the change you want to make? Let’s overcome that together because ultimately, to put it very bluntly, the likelihood is, nobody cares about it apart from you!

And for those contemplating whether or not to join G60, remember this: Reaching your goals isn't just about skill and technique—it's about mindset.

Ready to address the mental challenges and enhance your game? Join us. Let's improve your golf journey with each informed decision. Click the link below to apply to join our awesome community!

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