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What is G60?

G60 is a revolutionary method of golf coaching which offers more than just traditional golf lessons. Find out how our players are improving faster than ever through our Golf Development Programs.



PGA Golf Instructor, G60 Founder

"Frustrated with mixed results from the traditional method of golf coaching and playing, the vision for G60 is to provide an affordable way for golfers of all standards to reach their goals faster. No more wasted hours practicing in the wrong way. G60 is set up for the golfer to succeed"

Our Story

I have been a PGA-accredited golf coach for more than 15 years and in that time I have seen thousands of students make improvements during one-on-one lessons only to come unstuck in the gaps between one lesson and the next. I realised that without feedback between lessons, it was hard for us, as coaches, to monitor player improvements and even harder for players themselves to make long term changes to their game.


I’ve shared the frustration of players who have invested in private lessons but seen little in the way of results, who become bored practising alone and ultimately lose interest in improving their game. I’ve also seen first hand how group training in sport can provide the necessary motivation, inspiration and community needed to succeed. I knew that there had to be a smarter way for players to practice and play the game we love.


The result is G60, a unique form of golf training that combines 60 minute supervised group practice sessions with an online learning platform that is accessible 7 days per week. This dual approach promotes rapid, long-lasting improvement by offering players a community and consistent coaching advice on demand.


The G60 Academy is a three-phase programme for newbies, intermediates and experienced players designed to make long term, lasting changes to any golf game. No quick fixes, no gimmicks and no promises we can’t keep - just practical, actionable advice delivered by professionals in the company of a diverse group of men and women with a shared passion for golf.

How it works

1. Free Game Assessment

We offer a free initial game assessment before recommending the right program for you. In this private session, we test your skills using trackman technology. After the session you’ll have a trackman test score and the necessary tools to make the first steps towards changing your golf game.

The Trackman test is a great way to measure your current standard. We test your game from pitching, all the way through to Driver. You'll get a score out of 100 and an estimated handicap based on the quality of your shots during the test.

2. Phase Designation

We assign you to one of the 3 phases in the G60 program. Building, Maintenance or Performance. In the building phase, we help you build the foundations for better golf. In the Maintenance and Performance phases, we aim to develop those skills in pressurised, game-like situations. Your initial phase designation is based on your game assessment result and coach analysis.

3. Choose a Package

Once we've had a good chat about your current game and tested your skills in our game assessment, we will recommend the most appropriate program for you. We will make sure this recommendation fits in with your lifestyle too, as we know life can get busy. All you need to do after that is sign up and start improving your game!

3 Phase System

1. Building Phase

The first phase of the G60 programme is the ‘Building Phase’ and is heavily focused on technique and skill development.


This is perhaps the toughest of the phases as it is where members may see an initial drop in performance. Many players actually benefit by going back to the basics of their swing in a bid to rid themselves of bad habits and poor form that may have taken root over time.


G60 members will work with their coach to hone the basics of their game with a plan customised for their bodies and skill level. We know everybody moves differently and recognise that there is no one-size fits all formula that works universally. It is here that you will address your swing from setup to follow-through and that finish. You’ll be provided with the appropriate drills to improve your technique.



2. Maintenance Phase

The second phase of the G60 3-phase program is the ‘Maintenance Phase’ where we cement all those good habits and continue to improve the techniques learnt in the building phase. This is where you will start to see those skills translate to on-course scenarios. It is also where you will progress to performance drills to test your new skills.


During this stage we will start to introduce game-like training, Periodic testing in the ‘Maintenance Phase’ enables you to track your progress and see your gains.

3. Performance Phase

The third phase of the G60 3-phase program is the ‘Performance Phase’. This is where we all want to be, including professional players. This is where you will be able to perform autonomously with little thought to technique. Swinging the club becomes automatic, allowing you to focus more on performance.


Course strategy, performing under pressure and controlling the mind are all heavily focused on in the performance phase.  During this phase, players should see a faster drop in handicap compared to earlier phases.

3-P Pledge

1. Plan

G60 coaches will work with you each and every week to ensure you have a tailored plan to see you develop through group sessions, help you make the best of your solo practice and provide guidance for the videos you submit through the app. We ask you to trust the plan.

2. Practice

Although we can’t promise that practice will make you perfect, we can promise it will make you a lot better. How and when you practice may change and evolve as you move through each of the phases but it is important to attend as many sessions as you can to start seeing positive results. A coach will always be on hand to supervise and guide your practice, so rest assured you’ll never waste a session.

3. Persevere

Practice can be frustrating at times, we get that. You’ll have good days and bad days but the most important thing is that you look at your long term goal and stay the course. Changes won’t come overnight, but if you persevere, and do the little things each day to work towards your goal, you’ll see astonishing incremental growth.


We have found that players who take the 3-P-Pledge achieve the best results. G60 is built on the fundamentals of planning, practice and perseverance so that you can build a strong golf game, maintain it over time and perform time and time again.


  • It takes approx. 60 hours of practice to transfer a new skill/technique from the range to the course

  • If you practice for 2 hours per week, it will take you about 6 months to see those changes on the course

  • Usually that practice is unsupervised and lacks guidance from a PGA Pro and no access to Trackman or video analysis

  • As a result, the student will often practice in the wrong way

  • This can cause frustration and affect motivation levels

  • It often leads to a lack of practice or trust in their recommended changes

  • The students may then look for quick fixes and tips from untrained sources

  • Added stimulus on the golf course without the necessary good quality practice can lead to more confusion and worse scores

  • Wasted time, money and effort!


  • As a G60 member, you will have access to supervised practice group sessions with a PGA Pro to make sure you practice in the correct way

  • G60 membership is much more cost effective than traditional golf lessons

  • As a G60 member, you will have access to video guidance from your coach, 7 days a week

  • As a result, a G60 student will practice with purpose and guidance without veering off track

  • G60 members will practice in a competitive and fun environment

  • More trust, belief and motivation to improve

  • Free merchandise

  • G60 members will finally feel like they have a coach who truly cares about their improvement

  • No more getting distracted by advice from poor sources

  • No more wasted time, money and effort!

  • Happy golfers, happy coaches!

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