G60 is a revolutionary method of golf coaching which offers more than just traditional golf lessons. Find out how our players are improving faster than ever through our Golf Development Programs.



PGA Golf Instructor, G60 Founder

"Frustrated with mixed results from the traditional method of golf coaching and playing, the vision for G60 is to provide an affordable way for golfers of all standards to reach their goals faster. No more wasted hours practicing in the wrong way. G60 is set up for the golfer to succeed"


  • It takes approx. 60 hours of practice to transfer a new skill/technique from the range to the course

  • If you practice for 2 hours per week, it will take you about 6 months to see those changes on the course

  • Usually that practice is unsupervised and lacks guidance from a PGA Pro and no access to Trackman or video analysis

  • As a result, the student will often practice in the wrong way

  • This can cause frustration and affect motivation levels

  • It often leads to a lack of practice or trust in their recommended changes

  • The students may then look for quick fixes and tips from untrained sources

  • Added stimulus on the golf course without the necessary good quality practice can lead to more confusion and worse scores

  • Wasted time, money and effort!


  • As a G60 member, you will have access to supervised practice group sessions with a PGA Pro to make sure you practice in the correct way

  • G60 membership is much more cost effective than traditional golf lessons

  • As a G60 member, you will have access to video guidance from your coach, 7 days a week

  • As a result, a G60 student will practice with purpose and guidance without veering off track

  • G60 members will practice in a competitive and fun environment

  • More trust, belief and motivation to improve

  • Free merchandise

  • G60 members will finally feel like they have a coach who truly cares about their improvement

  • No more getting distracted by advice from poor sources

  • No more wasted time, money and effort!

  • Happy golfers, happy coaches!