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Are You Playing Golf or Playing Golf Swing?

The Importance of Eventually Letting Go of Swing Thoughts to Free Your Mind and Play Your Best


Golf is a unique sport that challenges both the physical and mental aspects of a player's game. It requires a delicate balance of technique, strategy, and mental fortitude. However, it's all too common for golfers to become consumed by swing thoughts, overthinking every technical aspect of their game, and losing touch with the joy of simply playing golf.

In this blog post, I will explore the importance of eventually letting go of swing thoughts to free your mind and play your best. I will also highlight how the G60 program addresses this by guiding players through three phases of training: building, maintenance, and performance, effectively changing the way players think and practice along the way.

The Perils of Overthinking:

When it comes to golf, technique undoubtedly plays a crucial role. It's important to develop sound fundamentals and refine your swing mechanics. However, constantly dwelling on swing thoughts during a round of golf can be detrimental to your performance. Overthinking can lead to tension and an inability to trust your instincts. Instead of being fully present and enjoying the game, you may find yourself trapped in a cycle of doubt and self-criticism.

The Power of Letting Go:

To truly unleash your potential on the golf course, it's essential to find a balance between technical proficiency and a free-flowing mindset. This means gradually letting go of excessive swing thoughts and trusting your training. When you allow yourself to play golf rather than play golf swing, you tap into your natural abilities and instincts. Your mind becomes clear, enabling you to make instinctive decisions, execute shots with confidence, and embrace the joy of the game.

The G60 Program: Changing the Way You Think and Practice:

The G60 program is designed to address the challenge of letting go of swing thoughts and unlocking your true potential on the golf course. It takes players through three phases of training: building, maintenance, and performance.

  1. Building Phase: In the building phase, emphasis is placed on developing a strong foundation of technique and building muscle memory. Proper fundamentals are established, and players learn to execute shots with consistency. However, even in this phase, the program encourages an open and intuitive mindset, ensuring that players do not become overly consumed by swing thoughts. The type of training in this phase should be block practice, with lots of repetitions to build the movement over time. There is no pressure on scores or golf course performance in this phase.

  2. Maintenance Phase: As players progress, they enter the maintenance phase, where they refine their skills and continue to reinforce good habits. However, the focus gradually shifts from the mechanics of the swing to the mental side of the game. The program introduces strategies for managing pressure, staying present, and embracing the freedom to play without overthinking.

  3. Performance Phase: The ultimate goal of the G60 program is to guide players into the performance phase, where they have developed the confidence, trust, and mental clarity required to excel in competitive situations. By this stage, players have learned to let go of excessive swing thoughts, play instinctively, and fully enjoy the game. The type of training in this phase is completely different to the building phase. Here, we spend more time in game-like situations on and off the golf course. We put our players under more pressure in this phase, and constantly vary the practice conditions to simulate the unpredictability of the golf course.


Golf is a game that demands a delicate balance between technique and mental fortitude. While it's important to develop solid fundamentals, it's equally vital to let go of excessive swing thoughts and trust your instincts. The G60 program recognises this need and guides players through three phases of training, gradually changing the way they think and practice. By embracing the freedom to play golf instead of getting consumed by swing thoughts, golfers can unlock their true potential and experience the joy and satisfaction that the game offers.

If you are stuck with too many swing thoughts on the golf course, perhaps it's time to put yourself through our 3 phases of training at G60. Learn how to finally free your mind up, unlock your potential and start enjoying the game. Click the button below to apply for membership.

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