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3 Reasons You’re Not Improving

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

1. You’re taking expensive, infrequent private lessons with no feedback in between

Most golf coaches are selling units of time for money, not results. Let’s face it, private golf lessons aren’t cheap. The average cost of a private golf lesson in Sydney now is around $160 per hour. Let’s say you have 1 private golf lesson every month. This is 12 hours of coaching per year. Most golf coaches won’t give you guidance or feedback in between lessons. We know the “in between time” is the most vital element to get right when making changes to your golf game.

We know it takes more than an hour per month to make real progress with your golf game. In fact, some studies have shown that it takes approximately 60 hours of practice to ingrain a new skill and transfer it to the golf course. If that’s the case, why risk practicing the wrong way in between lessons? If you do, and you go back to your golf pro a month later having practiced the wrong way, you’re back at square one and improvement is slow.

If you’re taking sporadic private lessons and not getting results, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my coach checking in with me in between lessons to check I'm practicing in the right way or answer any queries I might have?

  • Do I have structure in my practice sessions and can I transfer the new skills onto the golf course?

  • Has my coach educated me properly on the learning process?

If the answer to these questions is no, it’s probably time to:

  • Get regular feedback/guidance each week from your coach

  • Start a coaching program which sells results not units of time

  • Fast track your improvement and bump up your practice hours under the supervision of a coach

  • Get educated on the process of learning

  • Practice under pressure in a group environment

  • Learn how to “own” your golf swing

  • Shoot lower scores

2. You search for quick tips / fixes on instagram and youtube

The boom of Social media allows us to share so much information nowadays. You can find thousands of quick golf tips and fixes on instagram and youtube. The issue with this is:

  • Quick fixes are band aid solutions

  • They are not necessarily personalised to you

  • Information overload can be overwhelming

  • So many coaches have different ideas, it can be very confusing

These solutions are tempting for all of us, but they generally don’t address the root cause of your issues.

Instead you should consider:

  • Getting personalised coaching based on your swing, your body and your tendencies

  • Fixing the root cause of your issues and working through a program

  • Getting educated on the process of learning and long term benefits of developing good habits

3. You’re buying expensive equipment to try to plug the holes in your game

In my younger years, I worked in golf retail. I would constantly see customers upgrading their equipment every time Taylormade or Callaway released a new product, in an attempt to improve their game. Believe me, this is NOT the answer! Whilst there is a benefit to getting the right equipment for your game, this is only a small chunk of the pie when it comes to making improvements in your golf game. Here’s the facts, if you’re hitting a slice, your club path is out to in and your clubface is open. There is not a driver in the world which is going to miraculously fix this.

If this is you, maybe it’s time to:

  • Start a structured coaching program to make long lasting changes to your technique

  • Learn your swing and what causes certain ball flights

  • Learn how to use your current equipment

  • Get regular guidance and unlimited feedback from your coach

If you’re doing these 3 things and still not improving, then maybe it’s time to make a change and join G60.

Think about this…For the price of a new driver, you could get 6 months worth of supervised training and unlimited feedback. Remember, we don’t sell units of time, we sell results.

Click the link below to apply for membership today. We’d love to jump on a call with you to discuss your game and how we can help.

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