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The G60 Program: Revolutionising the Approach to Golf Training

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

At G60, we believe in training our golf students in a manner that is comprehensive, adaptive, and reflective of their skill levels and needs. Our unique approach to golf training operates through three distinctive phases: the Building Phase, the Maintenance Phase, and the Performance Phase. This method sets us apart from most other golf coaches, ensuring that we mould well-rounded golfers capable of owning what they do and transferring skills to the golf course.

The Building Phase

The first part of the G60 training program, the Building Phase, is all about laying the foundation. This phase places a strong emphasis on developing skills and perfecting technique, often necessitating changes in motor patterns and movements. Our approach in this phase requires block practice, involving lots of repetitions on the driving range, or even without hitting a ball, to ingrain the new movements.

During the Building Phase, we encourage students not to stress about their performance on the golf course. Instead, the focus is solely on the skills and techniques they are working on, with an understanding that small changes will eventually snowball into substantial progress. Furthermore, this phase offers plenty of one-on-one time with the coach to ensure personalised attention and guidance.

The Maintenance Phase

Once the players have achieved a baseline level of skill and technique in the Building Phase, they move into the Maintenance Phase. This phase is about refining and maintaining the skills they have developed. While the changes made during this phase might be subtle, they are crucial for achieving optimal results.

The Maintenance Phase introduces the students to golf course scenarios and performance training. Here, we incorporate group practice sessions which are designed to be fun, competitive, and pressurised, simulating real golf course scenarios. This phase presents a balanced blend of block practice and random practice to help players transfer their skills to the golf course.

The Performance Phase

The Performance Phase marks the final part of the G60 training journey, focusing on helping golfers reach their full potential. By this stage, the students have solid skills and techniques under their belt, ready to harness their potential on the golf course. This phase emphasises transitioning the players' focus from internal aspects like movement and technique to more external factors such as dealing with different lies, different breaking putts, wind direction and shot shapes. (All the important stuff to consider on the golf course).

The practice during this phase is random, variable, and golf course focused. Off the course, players are encouraged to constantly change targets, shot types, and simulate different playing conditions. Group sessions remain a core component, fostering competitiveness and pressure, perfect for the Performance Phase.

Players are encouraged to keep track of golf course stats like strokes gained in driving, approach, short game, and putting. This data-driven approach helps us tailor their practice schedule to their specific needs.

The G60 Difference

Unlike traditional golf coaching that focuses solely on technique, the G60 approach is holistic and adaptive. We understand the importance of not just building skill and technique but also teaching you how to transfer these skills to the golf course, and finally, entering a flow state on the golf course. This distinctive, phase-based approach ensures that our students are not just good swingers of the club but also good golfers who are confident in what they do, and able to adapt to different situations. With G60, you get more than just swing instructions; you receive a comprehensive golf training experience like no other.

If you fancy making lasting changes to your game, and you’re not currently part of our community, hit the link below to apply for G60 membership.

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