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Connect with your coach. Whenever, wherever.


Did you know?

Golfers immediately forget up to 40% of new information upon leaving a lesson, and up to 90% with no review / feedback after just 1 week.

Why we are different...

At G60, we understand that making a change is difficult. That's why we help you through every step of the improvement process, so you can stop wasting time and money on quick fix solutions.


Make your practice count...

G60 Online members make the most of each practice session by connecting with their coach through the app as they work on their game. Stop getting confused and frustrated at the driving range and start making the most of your practice sessions.

How it works...

1. Sign up and download the app "Coach Now". Use the code to join your private space and the G60 Group.

2. Upload your swing videos / questions in your private space on coach now

3. Our pros will reply and help you make the most of your practice session

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What's Included?

- Technical Analysis

- G60 Group Access

- Unlimited Feedback / Q & A

- G60 Drills and Games