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Transform Your Golf Game

Unlock your potential with a coaching program tailored to your golf game, lifestyle and goals.

Every golfer is different. Every golfer responds differently. Every golfer's journey to achieving their goals will vary. Our coaching programs are tailor-made to ensure you reach your goals in the most efficient possible way.

Have you taken golf lessons before and not improved?

We understand your frustration, because we've felt it too, from a coaching perspective. For years we tried improving golfers by offering expensive private golf lessons and providing little to no feedback in between.


This left our players feeling confused, frustrated and unmotivated whilst trying to change their swing, and ultimately not aware of the correct process when it comes to making a change.

You've tried "swinging your swing", you've tried to change your swing, and you're still playing badly. Not only that, but you're left confused and exhausted with the overwhelming amount of golf tips on the internet nowadays. 

We get it!

Through trial, error and consistently seeking more effective coaching strategies, we've managed to create a system that does all of these things and ensures that our golfers are equipped with the tools to adapt to different situations on the golf course.

The result is G60, a unique form of golf training that combines 60 minute supervised group practice sessions with an online learning platform that is accessible 7 days per week. This approach promotes rapid, long-lasting improvement by offering players a community and consistent coaching advice on demand.

If you want to stop wasting your time with golf instructors who churn through thousands of private lessons every year and don't truly care about your game, take action and commit to a coaching program designed specifically for your game.


No quick fixes, no gimmicks and no promises we can’t keep - just practical, actionable advice delivered by professionals in the company of a diverse group of men and women with a shared passion for golf. 

Our coaches will guide you through our 3-Phase Program to help you make long lasting changes to your golf game

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Learn the correct process of building a functional, long lasting, reliable technique in the building phase.



Learn how to transfer newly learned techniques and skills to the golf course.



Learn how to free yourself of conscious swing thoughts and shoot the best scores of your life.


What you'll learn

  • How to build a solid swing technique

  • Essential short game skills

  • Essential putting skills

  • How to transfer techniques and skills to the golf course

  • Golf course strategy

  • Stats recording

  • How to shoot lower scores!

Meet Our Members

Over the last few years, G60 has achieved amazing results for hundreds of golfers, just like you. We've helped them understand the process of learning and provided them with an environment to:


Build good swing technique, transfer skills from the range to the golf course, improve performance under pressure and play with complete freedom.

Still unsure about joining the G60 community? So were these guys. Hear from some of our members on why they love G60.