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Are You Practising in the Right Way?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Over the years, I’ve witnessed so many people putting time and effort into their golf game and either standing still or progressively getting worse over time. I’ve seen so many “students of the game” chasing the wrong things. Sucked in by the plethora of swing technique books, secrets, videos and social media content. If this sounds like you, perhaps it’s time to question whether you’re practising the right things, or indeed practising them in the right way.

I’m not exempt from this. Thinking back to my playing days, I spent many hours on the driving range hitting 7 irons to the same target, constantly in search of the “perfect golf swing.” The truth is, when you get to a certain level, your focus should switch away from this and so should your way of practising.

In our G60 program, we have crafted a three-phase methodology to guide our students on their golfing journey: Building, Maintenance, and Performance. It helps to determine not just what you should practise, but how you should practise too.

1. The Building Phase

Are you laying the foundation right?

New motor patterns demand intensive repetition. IF it’s necessary to change your technique and level-up your skills, then you’re in the building phase. Block practise is the mantra. A student must immerse themselves in repetitive movements to alter existing motor patterns.

Here’s why this stage is crucial:

  • Uninterrupted Focus: At this stage, there should be no external distractions. The focus is solely on mastering skill and technique.

  • Environment: The ideal setting for this phase is the driving range or an indoor facility. Incorporate movement drills at home to supplement the practice.

  • Guidance is Key: Private sessions with a coach provide the necessary feedback to ensure the techniques are correctly ingrained. This is the 'walk before you run' phase.

2. The Maintenance Phase

Are you juggling technique and performance?

Having laid a solid foundation, this stage is about preserving the learned skills while introducing varied practise.

  • Mixed Practise: While block practice remains essential, this is the phase to introduce random/varied practice. It simulates golf course scenarios, putting your skills to the test in game-like situations.

  • Balancing Act: Start seeing improvements on the golf course by learning to separate technical thoughts from the play. It's a dance between maintaining technique and optimising performance.

  • Practice Settings: G60 Group sessions introduce a bit of that performance pressure, ensuring you’re not just practising but also learning to perform.

3. The Performance Phase

Are you playing golf or playing golf swing?

Having acquired the necessary skills, this phase is about refinement and execution under varied conditions.

  • Shift in Practise Type: Say goodbye to block practise. No more 7-irons to the same target on the range. It's all about random, varied practise now. Mix targets, clubs, and shot types, challenging yourself at every turn.

  • Pressure as a Tool: Incorporating pressure into practice sessions prepares you for real game scenarios. Group sessions, where every move is under scrutiny, are ideal.

  • On the Course: This is where all the hard work pays off. With technique and skill developed, now is the time to focus on the strategic aspects of golf.

Your practise strategy can make or break your golf game. Understanding where you are in your golf journey and tailoring your practice sessions accordingly is vital. The G60 program’s phased approach ensures that students receive tailored guidance, setting them up for outrageous success. So, the next time you head to the range or the course, ask yourself: “Am I practising in the right way?”

If you’re unsure of how you should be practising, that's where we can help. Click the link below and apply to join our awesome community. We’ll start you off with a free game assessment to determine your phase of training, and ensure you practise the right things, in the right way, to smash your golfing goals.

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