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5 Benefits of Online Golf Coaching: Mastering Your Game at Your Fingertips

The world of sports coaching has witnessed a significant transformation with the rise of online platforms. Golf, a game that demands precision, focus, and technique, is no exception. Online golf coaching has emerged as a popular and effective way for both beginners and experienced players to enhance their skills and take their game to new heights.

I have been using online coaching alongside in-person group coaching in all of my G60 coaching programs in the last 4 years. It has been an incredibly useful way to fast track improvement for my students.

In this blog, I will explore five key benefits of online golf coaching that make it an appealing choice for golfers worldwide, and why it could be the difference maker to you too.

1. Convenient and Flexible

Online golf coaching provides unparalleled convenience and flexibility. With online coaching, you can access training from the comfort of your home, office, or even while traveling. This eliminates the need for time-consuming commutes and allows you to fit coaching sessions seamlessly into your busy schedule. Whether you prefer early morning or late evening sessions, online coaching provides the flexibility to accommodate your availability.

2. Time-Saving

Time is a valuable resource, and online golf coaching helps you save it. By eliminating the need to travel to a golf course or training facility, online coaching allows you to maximize your practice time. Instead of spending hours commuting, you can invest that time directly into refining your skills. With online coaching, you can seamlessly transition from your regular activities to a coaching session, optimizing your training time and making the most of every minute.

3. Visual Feedback

One of the significant advantages of online golf coaching is the ability to receive visual feedback on your technique. Through video analysis, coaches can observe your swings, stance, and body movements with great precision. They can then provide detailed feedback, highlighting areas for improvement and suggesting specific adjustments. This visual feedback is invaluable in understanding your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make targeted improvements and enhance your overall performance on the course.

4. Customised Approach

Online golf coaching offers a highly customised approach tailored to your specific needs. With one-on-one sessions, coaches can focus solely on your game, providing personalised guidance and instruction. They can design training plans that address your unique challenges and goals, ensuring that each coaching session is optimised for your improvement. This customised approach accelerates your learning curve, allowing you to progress faster and achieve measurable results.

5. Constant Communication

Effective communication is crucial for progress in any coaching relationship, and online golf coaching excels in this aspect. Coaches are just a click away, providing constant communication through various channels such as email, chat, or video calls. This accessibility allows you to seek clarification, ask questions, and share your progress with your coach regularly. The ongoing communication ensures that you stay on track, receive guidance whenever needed, and maintain a strong connection with your coach throughout your coaching journey.

How does Online Coaching support the in-person G60 memberships?

A huge part of the G60 Program is centred around supervised practice. Sometimes that practice is in-person, but sometimes it’s not. Many G60 members have benefited from receiving unlimited feedback from myself through the coach now app. They can send questions, swing videos, trackman data and more through the app. This allows me to stay connected with each student to ensure they are heading in the right direction. Being able to connect with my students more regularly has been an absolute game changer for me as a coach and the players I’ve worked with. We can now prevent the inevitable regression that usually occurs when players are left to their own devices when working on swing changes.

How does Online-only Coaching work?

If you can’t make it to St. Michaels GC to join our in-person membership programs, I now offer an online only coaching program through the Skillest app.

How I tackle online students

1 - We have an initial zoom call to discuss your golf game. This involves talking through your strengths and weaknesses, your frustrations on the golf course, your practice habits and what we think we can realistically achieve within your schedule.

2 - I ask you to send me your swing from down the line and face on. Include as much info as possible in this so I can formulate the initial plan to improve your technique.

3 - You’ll receive on-going detailed analysis from me and lots of suggested drills to complete throughout the process. It’s important we keep in touch with messages, videos etc, especially during technique changes.

4 - I monitor your improvement and guide you through our 3 phase system. Building, maintenance and performance phases.

5 - The end goal is to get you to a point where technique thought are at a minimum, I want you to be able to play freely with no “noise” so it’s vital we get to this stage to see real improvement in scores.

6 - The performance phase is more about stats, strategy on course, psychology and mental game etc

Embrace the flexibility and personalised support that online golf coaching offers, and take your game to new heights with convenience and customisation at your fingertips. If you’re interested in online coaching, click the button below to view my profile on Skillest.

If you can make it to St Michael’s and you think you could benefit from regular in-person coaching plus unlimited online support, click the button below to apply for G60 membership.

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